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Private Memorial Museums™ for Accomplished Individuals

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Learn how we create your unique Eternal Legacy.

We offer a highly discreet service.

Your story is the greatest Eternal Legacy that you will leave to your heirs...

Your Private Memorial Museum™ is a unique mausoleum that provides a beautiful place to remember those who have passed as well as a sacred, safe healing place for the living.

Your Private Memorial Museum™ also includes our game-changing technology, allowing people to visit from anywhere in the world via a password-protected family legacy website.

Private Memorial Museums™ may be excluded from estate taxes, providing a substantial financial benefit to families who are currently involved in, or preparing for, the estate planning process.

Many of the World's Best Known Families Choose to Handcraft Their Custom Private Memorial Museum™ as a Lasting Tribute

Families of Distinction

The Rockefeller Family - Industrialists

The Ford Family - Industrialists

Robert De Niro - Actor

Martin Scorcese - Film Director

Michael Todd - Movie Producer

Wyne Calloway - Former CEO/Fortune 100

The Phillips Family - Entrepreneur

James "Jim" Patterson - Entrepreneur

James Nemec - Lawyer and Entrepreneur

Muhammad Ali - Athlete / Champion Boxer

The Dick Button Family - Olympic Skater

Roger Marls - Professional Athlete/Baseball

Les Paul - American Jaxx Guitarist

Charles Lindbergh - Aviator

Barbara Streisand - Entertainer

Miles Davis - Jaxx Musician / Artist

Kate Smith - Entrepreneur

Cecil O'Brate - Entrepreneur

Martin Luther King - Civil Rights Leader

Honorable Silvio Conti - U.S. Congressman

Honorable John McCain - U.S. Senator

Vincent Dioguardi - Memorialist

John Viscosi - Memorialist

Colonel Harlan Sanders - Entrepreneur

Marvin Whipplie - Entrepreneur

The Pincus Family - Financiers

The Valanni Family - Real Estate

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Download Our Portfolio

Learn how we create your unique Eternal Legacy.

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